My Internship Experience in Akshara Techno School under RICE

My Internship Experience in Akshara Techno School under RICE

India – a welcoming nation

The supportive management at Rural Institute of Centre for excellence and staff at Akshra Techno School I was exposed to a diverse culture as India is a multi cultural country. With friendly and helpful people I never felt isolated in a foreign nation. The sense of belonging always accompanied me throughout my stay in India, although I was a Sri Lankan. India is a country replete with hospitality and friendliness. I will never forget to mention about their warm hearts to my fellow Sri Lankans when I return.


I am really obliged to have this opportunity of teaching at Akshara Techno School under the supervision of Mr.Amarendran. This was a life changing experience and I am really blessed to have met the friendly staff. All my fellow collegues gave me a supporting hand as I was a foreign Exchange Participant. I was provided with all my necessities with immense care and protection. I was able to enjoy Indian cuisine and the Indian way of
life. I was fortunate to celebrate Bonalu with the school during my stay. Wearing a saree to the festival with mehendi on my palms made me feel cheerful. It was such a pleasure to embrace the Indian culture.


World Environmental Day Celebration

On July 4th 2023, the environmental day was celebrated on school premises, under the theme “plastic pollution”. I was invited to deliver a speech on the topic. I was honored of being able to share my thoughts with the students.

Then there was rally to spread awareness about the dangers of breathing plastics pollution. This was followed by planting some plants at school premises. It was an impressive initiative towards teaching school students about preserving nature.


The beauty of India

During the stay I visited many breath-taking places in Hyderabad. Specially, the staff trip we went on 23rd of July to Yadagirigutta Vishnu Kovil was mesmerising. I felt as if I entered a heaven as I entered the Kovil. Furthermore, I grew closer to teachers as we enjoyed our ride. Moreover, I visited Ramoji Film City, Hussain Sagar budda statue, NTR garden and Birla Mandir. The wonderful architecture and the astonishing views of these places are painted in my mind forever.

The students and me

Being in a rural school with economically challenged students I am really grateful to have volunteered to support them to achieve their dreams.

I was constantly happy to see an improvement in their English speaking skills because my main aim was to make them communication well in English.

At the end of the day I am contented to see a huge amelioration of my dear students. The students become closer to me day by day and vise versa. Thus, their farewell letters and goodbyes brought tears to my eyes.

I improved myself by learning to adapt to new circumstances. It has been a roller coaster ride, but it is a golden memory imbibed on my heart. I met everyone with a simple hello. But as I am leaving it is a complicated goodbye . I will cherish all the memories that I had with the fellow Indians

I am really grateful to Mr. Amarendran and all the staff members to this wonderful experience. THANK YOU and GOODBYE INDIA!!

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