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About Research, Documentation and Communication (RDC) Cell

The RDC cell looks after the facilitation of interns at RICE. The RDC makes this process easier for the students/researcher visiting from all over the globe and within India, which includes logistical issues like their boarding and lodging while they are associated with the organisation.

Internship Process

RDC follows a specific process for the internship programme, which can be summed up in the following way:
  1. Requisition Letter from the college/ university (Which describes the student name, internship period and reason for the internship).
  2. Interns have to provide their CV.
  3. Confirmation letter of Internship will be provided for college reference (after submission of requisition letter)
  4. Interns have to fill the internship form (Available on Website). Students/ Researchers need to fill in the internship form which the RDC provides after the initial enquiry email sent to us.
  5. Student/Researchers Orientation before the internship programme starts off. The international interns/fellows/researchers are sent a detailed document with details about Indian culture, Ahmedabad, the Visa Process and Accommodation availability in Ahmedabad etc. The RDC takes care of the complete process and facilitates them throughout. The international interns are also facilitated through Video conferencing via Skype.
  6. Introduction with the entire team of RICE and field visits of the field offices for understanding the activities of the organisation with direct contact with the communities and programmes.
  7. Discussions and Selection of the specific programme under which the intern would like to work and the assignment allotment
  8. Assignment starts and post assignment feedback from the interns
  9. Interns have to maintain their activity sheet (As per the work assigned from the coordinator)
  10. Filling up of the college forms meant for review/evaluation of the intern’s performance at the organisation to be filled by the RDC team member. If needed, RDC team member even gives a direct feedback to the guide of the students/researcher.
  11. One brief write up for our blog post describing their experience.
  12. Please submit your passport size picture (softcopy/ hardcopy)
  13. At the end of the internship, Experience Certificate will be provided to the intern. 

Internship Form- Fill it and email it back to us at
Internship Form- To Download Internship Form Please Click Here

Over 120 interns/volunteers have passed through RICE in the past 3 years and have given their contribution with various programmes of RICE.