The RICE organisation Board is made up of experts in the field of urban planners, rural management, environmental management, research, community mobilisation, judiciary experience, public policy and urban governance. The Board plays an advisory, facilitative and supportive role within the organization. They participate in its Organizational Development processes, governance, training, financial management, networking for RICE operational management and resource mobilisation efforts. Board members have been an integral part of the re-visioning process and also are Brand Ambassadors for RICE’s org work.

Board members are identified from within the field of academics, governance and other related fields to the programmes and work of the organisation. Recommendations are made by existing board members or other funders, collaborators, partners. All referrals are discussed within the Board and members are selected and appointed unanimously by the Board. The Board has a policy of rotation every two years, this is when new members are identified and inducted into the board. So far any renewal is based on the unanimous decision of the Board or on a case to case basis if required.

Mr. Amarendar is the Founder and Managing Trustee of the Board of RICE org He is remunerated for the full time guidance to the organization.The Board meets compulsorily at least twice a year and in cases of emergency the Board is convened as required. A quorum of at least 3 members is mandatory for the meeting.


Mr. Chkile Madhu Babu , Ms. M.Srinivas, and M.Swamy are Advisors to the RICE Board.

Human Resources

RICE has a well documented HR policy that was revised in the past year through a process of consultation with project and programme teams, Strategic Management. 



Executive Committee (aka Finance committee)

This is made up of 3 trustees, including Reporting Trustee, Executive Director, External Auditor, Internal Auditor and 2 external consultants. This committee is an advisory body for all financial management of organization.

Strategic Management Group

Strategic Management Group monitors programs progress, growth, and development in congruence with the vision and mission of organization and relevance. The committee comprises of Programme Coordinators, Accounts Head, Programme Director, Executive Director and also Community Leaders.

Anti Sexual Harassment Committee

This committee is made up of 4 members including 3 members from within the organization and one external member from non-governmental association. This committee is formed as part of Anti-sexual harassment Policy and as per the guidelines of “The Sexual Harassment of at workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act 2013.

Fundraising Committee

Comprises of Founder Trustee, Executive Director, Associate Director, Urban Program Director and Fundraising Manager. It is responsible for fundraising and local resource mobilisation.

Human Resource Committee

It is set up every year and comprises of senior leaders and community leaders with the Executive Director as the mandatory member. The committee is for evaluation of performance and appraisal of staff.

Policies at RICE organization

The Policies and practices of RICE are a working formulation, which have been collectively decided for smooth functioning of the organization and also to meet the aspirations of the staff to meet the social obligations. It provides a framework for management of human resources, guidelines for various procedures along with rules and regulations.

List of Policies: