My Internship Experience in Akshara Techno School as a Teacher under RICE

My Internship Experience in Akshara Techno School as a Teacher under RICE

Supportive Management

I am forever grateful to have this immeasurable opportunity of teaching at Akshara Techno School under the supervision of Mr. Amarendar. I was well provided with all my necessities throughout the stay. Indian traditions
and values inspired me a lot and moreover the Indian cuisine was so overwhelming. It was even more important as I celebrated my 21st birthday with the management at school.

The experiences I had at the school is momental. The kind and amiable staff encouraged me alot to adjust to the new environment at school as a Foreign Exchange Participant. Not only that the management was very helpful during the 6 weeks in adjusting to the cultural diversity in India.



The Bonalu festival celebrated at school gave me a novel experience about the Indian culture as there were a lot of
religious rituals and traditions conducted. The cultural diversity was well observed and I got to know a lot interesting information about the culture Wearing a saree for the first time and the exceptional mehendi arts drawn by our students and made me feel more connected to them. It was a great pleasure to embrace the Indian culture


Environmental Day Rally

World Environmental Day was celebrated on the 4th of July 2023 at school mainly focusing on the plastic pollution which is a serious problem faced globally .I was invited to deliver a speech which is a great privilege for me to share my thoughts with my students .To mark the environmental day at school I was able to be a part of tree planting programme as well. The rally was conducted heading with the slogan ”BEAT THE PLASTIC POLLUTION”


Exceptional Indian beauty

I was able to explore the unique Indian beauty in Hyderabad as I visited many places such as the world famous Ramoji Film City,Hussain Sagar Buddha Statue,NTR Gardens and the Birla Mandir.Chaminar is one of the best shopping streets in Hyderabad .The trip we went from the school with the staff to Yadigirigutta is unforgettable.


My bond with the students

I am very glad to have volunteered to the help these students to make their dreams a reality. The best part about the school is the warming, gentle hearts waiting at school. The students and I had a strong bond between us and they were so friendly in both academics and curriculars. My main target was to improve their Spoken English Knowledge. Their progress in Spoken English Competency encouraged me to improve their communication in English. By using various methods I improved their spoken English Knowledge. Their kind hearts and innocent faces will never be forgotten remarking this an unforgettable experience ever.

I learnt a lot of new things in India. It has been a wonderful experience with all these beautiful souls at school. Teachers were so friendly and that made my goodbye even more hard. The memorial gifts given by the management and the students brought tears to my eyes showing the strong affection we had between us. I improved a lot in myself such as adapting to new cultures, understanding cross cultural backgrounds, working with students and in improving my teaching skills. The support and guidance extended by Mr.Amarendar and Mrs.Swetha is forever unforgettable. I am very honorable to all the fellow Indians who helped me through out this volunteering project.

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