My Internship experience at Akshara Techno School under RICE NGO

My Internship experience at Akshara Techno School under RICE NGO


I am Kawya Chandrasekara, an undergraduate from the University of Kelaniya Sri Lanka, who got the worthwhile opportunity to intern at Akshara Techno school in Hyderabad, India, as an English teacher. I regard the internship as a turning point of my life, considering the cultural exposure, memorable experiences and life lessons I got during the experience.





My family in Hyderabad

Working in a foreign country in an entirely new environment can be overwhelming. Nonetheless, for me It is a cherishing memory. The principal and the wise principal of the school; Mr Amarendarmogulla and Mrs. Swetha gave me immense guidance and support throughout my stay at Hyderabad. They made me feel at home, despite being away from my homeland. They were there to guide me through my work at school, to travel around India and were there with me when I was sick. Even Though I was a total stranger at first, they treated me as their family.


The school staff were no exception. Every staff member was immensely welcoming and considerate. We became forever friends during my stay. Their support and understanding made my internship experience better and helped me win the challenge of successfully working abroad.

The students at school were always eager to learn from me. They were an enthusiastic bunch of children who endeavoured to succeed in life. Therefore, seeing them improving their English day by day, made me feel fortunate to be able to teach them. Their friendly nature and innocence will always be remembered in my heart.

Train Her Ascend

RICE NGO is an organization beneficial to the society which runs many valuable programs. Akshara techno school is one of its many social works. The organization supports marginalized communities including economically, socially and physically challenged people. I was able to attend the program “Train Her Ascend” organized by RICE NGO on 4th of July 2023. It was aimed towards empowering young girls towards achieving their potential.


Bonalu is a festival unique to Hyderabad where people worship Durga Matha. It is celebrated in the month of July annually. The school had a grand ceremony on behalf of the festival and I was fortunate to be able to attend it. The memories of this extravagantly beautiful festival are vividly painted in my memory.

World Environmental Day Celebration

Akshara techno school never missed an opportunity to let students learn their role as good citizens of the world.Thus,on July 4th 2023, the environmental day was celebrated on school premises, under the theme “plastic pollution”. First,there were few informative sessions on the theme, during which I was given the opportunity to share my knowledge on the topic with the students and the staff. It was followed by a rally about the hazards of breathing plastic pollution. Back at school, students and the staff together planted some plants at the premises. It was a practical way of teaching students to protect the environment.

The school trip

A school trip was organized to visit the Yadagirigutta temple by the school principal Mr.Amarendarmogulla. The temple was such a breathtaking view, with its grandiose architecture and its awe inspiring location at the top of a mountain. I enjoyed the trip with the staff and their families who joined us on the journey. It is the only trip I went with them and it is one of the best trips I’ve ever been on.



Beauty of Hyderabad.

During my stay at Hyderabad, I was able to explore the city and witness its beauties. I visited Hussain Sagar, NTR Gardens, Salar Jun museum, Charminar and Birla Mandir which with their splendour gave me goosebumps. I also visited the Ramoji film city; the world’s largest film city wherein a lot of famous films like BahuBali were filmed. As a huge movie fan, this was a lifetime memory for me.




A Nostalgic farewell

Everything comes to an end, but not the memories we made. It was indeed sad to leave all the people with beautiful souls I met at Akshara Techno School. But, as one of the teachers, Mrs Anusha, at Akshara techno school said, we should feel happy when remembering good memories, instead of being sad about a long-gone past. Therefore, though the thought of farewell was hard, the memories I made always bring a smile to my face.

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