Assisting in create source of income for every house-hold. Sewing machine training and free sewing machine distribution to 33 women was completed in one batches and totally three batches was completed
Ensuring sustainable resources of livelihood through blend of traditional and modern technology in farming and allied sectors for better yields with active and full participation of the villagers and farmers by making them the actors in all decision making ideas.

  • As a part of providing livelihood support to Tribal and other downtrodden families in Adilabad District, the EF and RICE has extended 3 months training in sewing machine to identified 100 women and provided each of them a free sewing machine in convergence with SRTRI, Nalgonda, Govt. of TS and has donated the machines.
  •  27 women have been given training in Zerdozi work on apparels this financial year in convergence with SRTRI.

The programme aims to provide help women of underprivileged communities, who are
Daily wage labourers, earn a sustainable livelihood. As daily wage labourers they earn a very low income by working very hard daily. This income doesn’t even help them to sustain their life. We help 30 such women by providing training on tailoring to them for three months and we also distribute sewing machines to them .Your donations utilized to train a woman on tailoring for 3 months.

Rural Institute of Centre for Excellence, is giving the free training to poor .BPL. Unprivileged women’s. Every year we are training for 100 members women’s. RICE org is appeal for donors can support and adopt each women or total training sponsoring
1. Salaries to staff—Rs 15000 x 3months=Rs. 45000
2. Rent-Rs7,000 x 3moths=Rs.21000
3. Materials used for training – Rs. 15,000
4. Sweing Machine for distribution – Rs 10000 x 30 members =Rs 300000
Total costs of training – Rs 381000.
In Cost of training a woman for three months –Rs 12700/-