Both Sustainable Development Goals and National Health Policy aim towards ensuring accessibility, affordability and availability of quality health services, through a preventive, promotive and curative health care orientation across all levels. This is exactly what we at Fiinovation also strive to attain, and thus we design the implementation programmes aligned with the national health mandate, priorities and on-ground requirements. The approaches and designs are evidence based and follows strict quality parameters with strong emphasis on innovation, sustainability, result oriented initiatives and community participation. The programmes we design emphasize on empowering individuals and communities to make informed choices and accordingly choose healthy behaviors. To ensure sustainability, the interventions are focused on approaches that can be effectively integrated with existing health schemes and plans of the Government. We provide strategic inputs and activities to help improve the delivery of health programmes, scale them and sustain them.


From 2009 the RICE organized 17 eye camps in different villages in the Adilabad district in collaboration with L V PRASAD EYE HOSPITAL, SADHURAM EYE HOSPITAL and INDO US EYE HOSPITAL and 2820 patients from 49 villages took the opportunity of getting their eyes tested in the eye camp which were conducted under the guidance of qualified Eye Surgeon from Hyderabad assisted by professional ophthalmic assistants. 630 spectacles prescribed by the doctor were distributed free to the needy patients. Medicines were given free to the patients. 198 patients were referred for operation for management of cataract or other eye problems. Present year conducting eye camps for school going students.

Rural Institute of Centre for Excellence (RICE) and Ujwala Institute for Multiple Disabilities in coordination with Indo U.S, Malakpet organized “FREE EYE CHECKUP” camp on 27.11.2015 at Vignan Jyothi Grammar High School, Venkat Reddy Nagar, Uppal, Hyderabad. Sri V. Soma Sekhar Goud inaugurated the free eye checkup camp. He appreciated the activities of Rural Institute of Center for Excellence and wished RICE should taken- up this kind activities more in future to reach everyone in the society. 400 students from 1st standard to 10th standard had been availed this facility and out of 400 students 44 students were treated and spectacles were given to them.Dr. Murali, Indo U.S. Eye Hospital, Sri Murali Krishna, Program coordinator, Sri SaiOphthalmologist explained the preventive measures to protect eyes.



Arogyadaara is a programme of Rural Institute of Centre for excellence (RICE)is distributed Homeo Medice for the different deasaes like Sun Stroke, Diarrhoea Seasonal fever ,Dengue and swine flu etc

  • The RICE has distributed free homeopath medicine kit with 42 medicines to 100 schools and also in villages in past years with coordination of EF.
    ⦁ This year also the RICE has distributed Sun Stroke medicine in villages during summer. Earlier, RICE had distributed preventive medicine against Diarrhea, seasonal fever and Dengue medicine in its area of operation. We have covered 4270 families in 51 villages of two mandals.
    ⦁ The RICE has distributed free homeopath swine flu medicine to slam area of Hyderabad and
    Ranga Reddy Districts.

Since 2009, EF is also instrumental in identifying the patients suffering with limbs problem and babies with cleft lip problems and takes them to Hyderabad where they are provided with artificial ‘Jaipur limbs’ and operated, as the case may be. The RICE has already assisted 18 children for cleft-lip operations and 3 members provided jaipur limbs

Clept-lip and PH Patients

facial clefts are birth defects in which there is an opening in the lip and/or palate (roof of the mouth) that is caused by incomplete development during early fetal formation. Cleft lip and cleft palate occur in about 1 or 2 of every 1,000 babies born in the India each year, making it one of the most common major birth defects. Clefts occur more often in children of Asian. The good news is that both cleft lip and cleft palate are treatable. Most kids born with these can have surgery to repair these defects within the first 12-18 months of life. An orofacial cleft occurs when parts of the lip or palate do not completely fuse together during the first 3 months of pregnancy. A cleft lip may appear as a small notch in the edge of the lip only or extend into the nose. It may also extend into the gums.

EF and RICE had taken an initiative in 2009 and continuing its objective of providing treatment to children who are suffering with these kind health problems which is curable with little attention and effort at child’s early age. The tribal’s are uneducated and non-awareness about the treatment, they ignored it. But EF and RICE removed the misconception by visiting villages and finding children suffering with Clept lip problems. After educating the parents of patient, the patients accompanied by their guardians are taken to Hyderabad where they are received by RICE and EF personnel and taken to hospital for operation.
RICE is also instrumental in identifying the patients suffering with limbs problems apart from Clept lip children. Ekalavya Foundation had borne travelling expenses for patients from their respective villages to Hyderabad and return journey. EF personnel had taken patients suffering with limbs too to Hyderabad where artificial ‘Jaipur limbs’ and operated as per case. .

During the 2009-10 period, RICE had taken 9 Clept lip and 04 PH (no right leg) patients along with guardians to Hyderabad for operation and they were operated. In 2010-11 year, six numbers of Clept lip operations were assisted while 06 PH patients were given artificial limbs. . In 2011-12 year, three numbers of Clept lip operations were assisted while 2 PH patients were given artificial limbs. In 2012-13 year, 2 numbers of Clept lip operations were assisted while 2 PH patients were given artificial limbs


Our Society has organized health camps at various places in Hyderabad and Rangareddy Districts. This activity covers arranging Doctors for health check-up, providing free medicine and Other Services. The programme was organized in various Schools like Akshara Techno Schools , Balapur X Road Meerpet Muncipalities and Villages &Mandal Head Quarters particularly slum areas where health consciousness is required


RICE Voluntary organizations and Om sai Hospitals , Balapur jointly conducting FREE HEALTH CAMP at Akshara Techno School Balapur x Road. In this free health camp Dr .F arhath R Ahmed, child specialist, Dr . M.V. Reddy are check health of children’s and their parents . The doctors wrote prescription and given suggestions..There are 230 student and their parents are participated in this camp. In this programme Mr.Rajashekar and , koteshwar rao Manager of Hospital, Mr. M. Amarendar RICE VO secretary and Correspondent of Akshara Techno School Balapur x Road. Teachers , Parents and children’s and participated

Backyard plantation or Kitchen Garden:

Rice Organisation has organized rigorous campaign to promote kitchen gardens in every household where fruits and vegetables which give balanced nutrition are grown in ones’ backyard. 4500 families in Adilabad district are given 7 types of seeds and 5 types of fruits plants in order to make essential nutrients available to the families on regular basis.


Sanitation in villages is encouraged through construction of soak pits and toilets in every household. Awareness sessions are organized in villages to encourage villagers to construct soakpit and toilet in their household by doing Shramdaan. With our collective effort, many villages have 100% soak pits and maximum number of households has toilets. Soakpits not only helped cleanliness in villages by preventing water from households flowing into the streets, but also increased groundwater level  as rainwater is diverted into these soak pits.1000 soak pits are constructed by villagers  in 50 villages in Indravelli Mandal.1200 toilets are constructed in 42 villages Indravelli Mandal.


The COVID-19 ( Corona virus) crisis has now become a real war as NGOs, governments and private institutions have put to use massive resources to address it. What appeared to be a minor health problem in Wuhan, China just a few months ago has now turned into a global pandemic affecting every aspect of our lives Current and future COVID-19 response and preparedness activities. While even the most advanced economies, which are currently most affected by the COVID-19 virus, are going to contract, the poorest countries, especially in Africa where the virus has still not widespread, are going to be economically most affected. Deterioration in health and economy leads to other social problems like inequality, discrimination, conflict, crime, lower education, violation of human rights and disorder.
Daily wage earners in the cities along with the people in villages and in the peri urban areas were the worst hit by Covid-19 pandemic and were finding it hard to make the ends meet. The primary aim of the intervention was to provide emergency relief.

Due to the lockdown, the most affected have been the daily wage workers who are without work. In addition to Government efforts LMM is putting its full efforts to each out to each and every distressed, homeless; hungry struck due to Corona lockdown and help them. RICE -NGO now playing an even greater role in addressing the various effects arising out of the COVID-19 crisis and seeeks to focus on emergency relief support .
We have started distributing groceries for 350 families , 5000 no mask, sanitizers vegetables to needy and migrant labours in several places by RICE org and Red Cross , Hyderabad wing.. We reached 450 (100 families of budget private school teachers) families in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy Districts of Telangana.