Interventions in the education sector range from infrastructure support, teacher training for promoting Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and Information & Communication technology (ICT) for enhanced learning outcomes. Conducting of special classes, Distributing of uniforms, Text Books, Study Metals, Note Books. Our interventions also focus at bringing the children of marginalized communities to mainstream education. At RICE we believe that learning outcomes not only depend on a good teacher but also simultaneously depend on other factors like sanitation, infrastructure and availability of nutritious food etc. These external factors create an enabling environment for the students to attend school and prevent dropouts. We at RICE design precise, innovative and inclusive interventions in alignment with the goals set up by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and the guidelines set by Government of India’s National Education Policy.


Akshara Techno School is established in 2010 by Rural Institute of Centre for Excellence, which is reputed NGO in Hyderabad, Telangana state. This school is situated one of the slum area of Meerpet Municipality at Chandra Nagar Colony, RCI Road , Balapur X Road. Ranga Reddy , Hyderabad-500097. This school was recognized Govt of Telangana. At present 292 children are studying this school with free of cost or vary low fees .All the student in this school is BPL and SC ST and BC . RICE has providing free uniforms, Text Books and Note Books for free of cost

  • Salient Features of Akshara Techno School
    ⦁ Academics – State (CCE) Curriculum
    ⦁ Digital Classrooms
    ⦁ Complete English-Speaking Environment
    ⦁ Highly qualified and Committed Faculty
    ⦁ Foundation courses for ISEET/ NEET and EAMCET
    ⦁ Regular Sports and Games for all
    ⦁ Expert Faculty for English, Maths and Science
    ⦁ Focus on Personality Development & Communication skills
    ⦁ Montessori Based Curriculum
    ⦁ Play-way method of teaching
    ⦁ Weekly theme-based lessons & other activities
    ⦁ Large play hall with lots of soft toys
    ⦁ Snooze Room for afternoon nap
    ⦁ Separate play area for Toddlers
    ⦁ Special attention during lunch & play time
    ⦁ Safe drinking water & hygienic environment
    ⦁ Safe, reliable & punctual

Rural Institute of Centre for Excellence, is giving free education to poor .BPL . unprivileged students. At present 292 student studying the our Akshara Techno School. RICE org is appeal for donors can support and adopt each student or child through sponsoring Rs 33000.00 each year.


Rural Institute of Centre for Excellence-RICE is initiated a programme “RICE-AKSHARA VAHINI” for the students of government school in Telangana state of India. Trough this programme govt school children and unprivileged children will be benefited. Specially X th standard children will be benefited. This programme was proposed in the Ranga Reddy Dist, Balapur Mandal , Balapur High school, Badagpet high school , Vikarabad Dist , Vikarabad Mandal. Gottigakardu govt high school, Suryapet Dist Nagram Mandal . Phanigiri , Eatoor, Vardamanukata, Nagaram High schools. In this up to now there are 1250 student was covered in Adilabad District.

  1. One school bag kit
  2. Chapter-wise examination throughout year for all subjects for X th class students
  3. Forty-five days programme at end of the academic year.
Aims and Objectives:
  • To establish the audiovisual classroom for each high school
    ⦁ To distribute the school bag kits for each student.
    ⦁ To arrange the special classes.
    ⦁ To arrange the additional study hours.
    ⦁ To conduct the daily, weekly chapter wise exams for 10th class students.
    ⦁ To conduct the science fest for each school.
    ⦁ To conduct the sports meet for each school.
    ⦁ To celebrate International, National and Local festivals to improve the culture.
  •  Establishment of audiovisual classrooms.
    ⦁ Distribute the school bag kits for each student..
    ⦁ Arrangement of special classes.
    ⦁ Conducting of daily, weekly chapter wise exams
    ⦁ Celebrates Science fest, Sports meet, International, National and local festivals.

Rural Institute of Centre for Excellence, is distributing and one school bag kit and Conducting of daily, weekly chapter wise exams for X th class student in government schools. At present our RICE org is implementing 30 school every academic year in different districts, Our Rice is appeal for sponsor a student through donating Rs 1750.00 each year.


This year also RICE has initiated a programme “RICE-AKSHARA VAHINI” for the students of government school in Telangana state of India. Trough this programme Govt. school children and unprivileged children will be benefited. All the government school children will be benefited. Especially X th slandered children will be benefited. In this “Akshara Vahini ”programme.

1. One school bag kit. ( School bag, Geometry box, Water Bottle).
2. Chapter wise examination throughout year for all subjects.
3. Forty five days programme at end of the academic year
4. Sponsor a child with @Rs.1700. For annum


What is a digital classroom?

A digital classroom is a classroom that is fully immersed in technology. Each students has access to an Internet connected device, whether it be a laptop, tablet, Chrome book, or other device, and the majority (or all of) the curriculum is delivered via an online, engaging, interactive platform.

What are the benefits of going digital?

There are so many benefits when it comes to transforming a classroom into a digital classroom. In my opinion, one of the greatest advantages of going digital is that the possibilities of what you can do are endless. There are so many different websites, extensions, add-ons, and apps that teachers can use to enhance their teaching and connect with students. Digital classrooms prepare students for life in college and the real world by providing them with a technology-based education. Digital classrooms are also great for the environment because paper use is either eliminated or significantly reduced.

Rural Institute of Centre for Excellence-RICE is initiated a programme for Digitalize a classes in government school in different districts of Telangana state one education programme for the government schools of Telangana state. Rice has been targeted for 20 schools digitalize. Up to now, 2 schools has been digitalized. RICE org is appeal to donors to donate Rs 200000.00 ( Two Lakh Rs) for each school digitalize or total setup for the digital classroom ( Computer, CPU. VJ cable. Cables, Digital Board, Table., Subject Software for classes ect)


Rural Institute of Centre for Excellence-RICE is initiated a programme for Distribution of school uniforms and Note Books to the poor and unprivileged students in Govt and Budget private school in Greater Hyderabad, Municipal Corporation (GHMC) slum areas. RICE org has been distributed in Vignan Jyothi Grammer School, Venkart Reddy Nagar, Ramanthapur, for 250 students. Vidyaranya Model School. Indiara Nagar, Ramanthapur, for 152, students.. Akshara Techno School . Chandra Nagar , Balapur X Road, RR Dist for 132 students. Govt primary school , Murali Krishna Nagar, Meerpet, RR Dist for 120, RICE org is appeal to donors to donate Rs 1000 for each student.

The RICE organization has been supporting students for their education and distributed school uniforms and school book in the academic year of 2019-2020, these students are studying in various schools Government & Private schools in Hyderabad. This organisation identified children belongs to Poor and BPL and supporting them for studies and bright future. In Akshara Techno School there are 132 school uniforms was distributed. Rural Institute of Centre for Excellence(RICE) and Ujwala Institute for disabilities both voluntary organisations jointly conducted a free uniform distributed programme at Akshara Techno School , Balapur x Road , Hyderabad-50097.The free uniforms are distributed to 132 number of poor students.
Sri Pothuganthi Bharath Prasad, ZPTC Kalwakurthy presented as a Chief Guest, Sri Madhu babu Chikile, PLV .RR dist Court, Rampally Sai Nath DCC, Vice President RR Dist Presented and Mogulla Amarendar Correspondent and RICE secretary as Guests.
P. Bharath Prasad , Madhu Babu, Sainath was distributed the free uniforms to the children’s